Lil Spitfire Pet Portraits are truly unique portraits for your truly unique pet.

All portraits are original oil paintings by artist Bethany Arriagada. Her goal is to work with you on creating a portrait that reflects as well as celebrates your pet's personality. 

These particular portraits differ from more traditional pet portraits in that beyond representing your pet's physical appearance, they are designed to truly reflect your pet's inner character and your mutual dynamics. They often utilize anthropomorphism -using human characteristics to emphasized aspects of your pet's personality. The most important goal is to create a portrait that speaks to you of the nature of your pet in a very special and personal way. 

Lil Spitfire Pet Portraits have a distinct, recognizable style.

These are portraits of individuals with unique qualities and self-expression... dignified or goofy, brave or shy... animals have complex personalities just like us humans. Look through our PORTFOLIO for inspiration and think about your pet's special character.



Looking for more inspiration?  Or maybe just wasting time?

Give your pet our "exclusive" Pet Personalities Test to discover which of the 16 Pet Personality Types is theirs! (Types and test are based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test, Jungian archetypes, fashion mag quizzes, and... neuroscience... )